1.          Background

Innovation competitions on campus have allowed hundreds of UW-Madison undergraduate students to express their creativity and imagination for about two decades. These innovation-based competitions have included students from many colleges, but the participation of students from the CEE department has been limited. Therefore, we have created an annual innovation competition, sponsored by the Boldt Company, which is focused on developing new materials, technologies, and solutions within various areas of CEE department, including but not limited to structural, material, water resources, environmental, transportation, geological and construction engineering. This new competition, called “Innovation in CEE Competition”, will foster innovation within the CEE department and encourage students to think outside the box.

2.          Vision

We are excited for the opportunity to bring innovation in CEE and GLE, and hope to engage faculty, inspire students and build a creative environment. We believe that we can do this by having a competition within CEE and GLE in the spring of each academic year. This event can have multiple scenarios as the ultimate outcome:

  1. A competition within the CEE department recognizing that innovation in our domain is unique.
  2. Initially 1, leading to greater integration with the College of Engineering.
  3. 1+2, leading to greater integration with Campus.